Martin Stage Cyclo, DMX

The new Stage Cyclo from Martin is a robust color-changing effect light that effortlessly provides a clean, even distribution of light. With simple operation, a powerful output, zero heat and zero noise pollution, the Stage Cyclo is perfect for studio and theater sets.

A parabolic louver reflector provides maximum light output with minimum heat making the Stage Cyclo perfect for close set applications

Both 3 and 5 pin XLR and RJ45 sockets are provided on the fixture for connection to the DMX data control signal

With four 54W fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white, (with the possibility for any customized color) the Stage Cyclo has a full color mixing capability

Total mounting flexibility is given through the standard Martin Omega sockets which are placed on the top, back and ends of the Stage Cyclo

A patent pending optical system gives a brilliant 55 degree beam angle with an even light distribution

Additional accessories such as frosting lenses and barndoors can be easily attached to the front of the Stage Cyclo

The lightweight Stage Cyclo has a sturdy carrying handle for ease in transport

Two retractable legs can be easily set to various angles when placing fixtures on the floor for up-lighting set pieces

Sturdy rubber ends provide the Stage Cyclo with thorough protection against the rigors of production work

Clever and exact placement of Omega sockets allows banks of fixtures to be constructed with speed and simplicity both horizontally and vertically

An in-built and protected dip switch panel enables fast addressing of each fixture.

  • Parabolic louver reflector
  • 3 and 5 pin XLR and RJ45 sockets
  • Four 54W fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white
  • Total mounting flexibility
  • Brilliant 55 degree beam angle
  • Frosting lenses and barndoor accessories
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Two retractable legs
  • Sturdy rubber ends
  • In-built dip switch panel
  • Inclusief 2x Omega-bracket
  • Afmetingen: 1272mm x 209mm x 135mm
  • Gewicht: 10.5KG

€ 1380.00

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Martin LightJockey 2, USB version, 512 kanalen DMX uit

The perfect controller for the club and mobile DJ market. This Windows based controller is very easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

LightJockey 2 incorporates a host of useful upgrades that make this Windows-based controller an even more flexible and easy to use lighting tool.

Windows 2000 compatible, other new features include a Solid Beam Virtual Visualizer, a high quality visualization simulator capable of creating realistic, solid, 3D beams. Visually accurate and easy to understand, the simulator allows you to create virtual visualizations off-site.

For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey 2.0 interfaces with WinampTM* to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. LightJockey 2.0 includes audio CD ROM capability as well. It also supports SMPTE and MIDI timecode with suitable interface. And a new show-saver backup feature ensures that your shows wont be lost.

Extremely powerful, LightJockey 2.0 includes all the original features that have made the LightJockey the choice of lighting professionals in the Club, Mobile DJ, Touring and Special Events markets: large fixture library, user friendly graphic functionality, advanced shape generator for fast and intuitive automated movement programming, as well as all the benefits of the Windows environment such as resizing of windows and drag and drop technology.

Devoted to designing the very best lighting control systems on the market, Martins LightJockey 2.0 offers lighting designers increased flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.

  • Windows 2000, Win ME, Win 98-95 based controller
  • Large fixture library and user configurable editor
  • Solid beam virtual visualizer for programming shows off-site
  • Supports MP3, audio CD, SMPTE and MIDI timecode
  • PCI, USB, PCMCIA interface options
  • Control of up to 100 fixtures, 2048 DMX channels
  • Integration with 2532 and 2518 for more direct access
  • Graphical representation of all fixture functions

    € 1590.44

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  • Product

    Martin Gel string t.b.v. Atomic Colors

    10 Roscokleuren: R-00, R-12 straw, R-09 Pale amber gold, R-23 Orange, R-26 Red, R-339 Broadway Pink, R-52 Light Lavendel, R-363 Aquamarine, R-77 Green Blue, R-88 Light Green, R-2005 Blue Grass.

    € 116.00

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    Martin Atomic DMX Stroboscoop

    The Atomic 3000 DMX is a powerful, high-impact strobe with 3000 watts of unlimited energy. Like nature’s most powerful energy source, the Atomic 3000 DMX is an ultra-bright, high-impact strobe that supplies an explosive pulse of energy to clubs, tours and mobile DJ’s of any size. The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash intensity is possible. The Atomic 3000 DMX is both intense and intelligent. DMX controllable, it employs a smart, integrated heat control that eliminates the need for cool down time ·3000 W strobe ·5600 K color temperature ·Continuous blinder effect with auto fade ·Smart integrated heat control eliminates cool down time ·Variable flash duration, intensity & rate ·Preprogrammed special effects ·Fan Cooling ·Auto-ranging power supply (90-260 V, 50/60 Hz) ·Long-life Xenon lamp included ·DMX or stand-alone mode

    € 698.00

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    Martin Atomic Colors

    Atomic Colors is a specially designed head which fits onto the front of the Atomic 3000 DMX – allowing up to ten brightly colored strobe and blinder effects.

    Creating an array of colored opportunities for your Atomic 3000 DMX, Atomic Colors adds a further creative dimension to the blinder and strobe effects of the most powerful and dynamic strobe light on the market. The Atomic 3000.

    Easily attached with quiet running operation, Atomic Colors is an effortless plug and play fixture, directly controllable via DMX 512-USITT controllers and to be used in combination with The Detonator, (the special developped DMX controller to the Atomic 3000).

    The Atomic Colors comes with one string containing 10 colors plus clear.
    The included colors are Rosco R colors: Item No. 91611090
    Clear (00), straw (12), pale amber gold (09), orange ( 23), red (26), broadway pink ( 339), light lavender (52), aquamarine (363), green blue (77), Light green (88), blue grass (2005)

    There are three optional strings, which are available ex stock: (each with 10 colors plus clear)
    91611087 : Rosco R colors:
    Clear (00), bastard amber (01), straw (12), golden amber (21) , red (26) , deep pink (26), lilac 43), half blue (55), daylight blue (3202), blue green (65), Primary green (93)

    91611088: Rosco R colors
    Clear (00) canary 312), orange (23), red (26), medium purple (49), gypsy lavender (56) , green blue (77), sky blue (69), peacock blue (73), blue grass (2005), Dark yellow green (90)

    91611089: Rosco R colors:
    Clear (00), canary (312), deep amber (22), tropical magenta (346), red (26), lilac (55), tharon delft blue (365), bright blue (79), congo blue (382), Italian blue 370), primary green (91)

    We also offer the possibility of custom made color gel strings – but with a little longer delivery time.

    The Atomic Colors is cable connected to the Atomic 3000 DMX with an external power supply: MPU 02 / MPU 08.

    • Light activated fan
    • Multiple scroller and colling fan speed
    • Gel saver mode
    • On board memory with monitor and resetting
    • DMX address via display
    • Multiple gel color selection with 3 ready made strings and custom made
    • Safety wire and 5 Mtr cable included

    € 1330.00

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    Licht Verlichting en Decoratie Stroboscoop