Avolites Pearl Tiger, DMX licht regietafel voor live events

Pearl Tiger DMX lichtstuurtafel incl. 8 inch LCD

The Pearl Tiger is a powerful, streamlined 10 roller playback version of Avos famous and most popular live lighting console.

It offers everything the LD, programmer or operator needs for quick and easy programming of small to medium sized shows . with all the power, ease of use and versatility of a full sized Pearl.

The Pearl Tiger is equally suited for small theatres, conferences, schools & colleges, small to medium scale productions or production companies, tours, venues and nightclubs.

Its small footprint, powerful functionality, familiar operating system, together with the ability to carry it under your arm make it the ideal choice for jobs having a quick setup limited rehearsal time and where the operator needs to be in full control for last minute changes.

The Pearl Tiger is fully show compatible with Pearl 2004, 2008 and Pearl Expert and shows can effortlessly be loaded and swapped between these consoles.


- Offers all the Pearl features Theatre Playback, timecode, MIDI triggers, etc
- 2,048 channels to 240 moving lights on 4 isolated DMX outputs
- Can Save multiple shows instantly to internal USB flash disk or external USB memory stick
- Can Load or Save any Pearl show
- Supplied with colour LCD VGA screen
- Tiger footprint 67cm by 48cm by 14cm or 30cm with VGA screen
- No additional training required for Pearl
- Looks extremely cute!

€ 5875.00

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€ 620.00

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